Valentine Classroom Goodie Bags

We will create a unique  goodie bag for your child’s Classroom Valentines!  Teachers special goodie bag included!  Labels are double sided with a photo on each side along with text of your choice.  You may provide us with your own photos or use your session photos.  For filling you have a choice of one of the following: Hersey Kisses, M&M’s, Tootsie Rolls, Conversation Hearts OR Assorted Stickers.

As a parent of a child with food allergies I always send in fun non-food items for my child’s valentine goodie bags.  We also offer this to you, please contact us for more information!  Don’t need the goodies or bag?  We also offer just the designed label. Contact us for details and pricing.

We also offer Doggie Goodie Bags!  Great for giving to your dog peeps or doggie friends!  Filling choice is the candy listed above or doggie bones for their furry friends.  Product takes 3-5 days to complete so make sure you order early to insure you have them by Feb 14!

$2.50 Each on orders 1-25
$2.25 Each on orders 26-50
$2.00 Each on orders 51-75
$1.75 Each on orders 76-100

(Bags measures approx 4×6 and are larger then shown below which means they hold more yummy goodies!)

We also offer our standard Classroom Valentines at this link:   and Valentine Sessions at this link:

ValentineGoddieBagDisplay2ValentineGoddieBag1-HT-wr ValentineGoddieBag3-FP-wr ValentineGoddieBag2-LS-wrValentineGoddieBag-DJ ValentineGoddieBag-Nikwm-ValentineGoddieBag-Smooc wm-ValentineGoddieBag-NoBon wm-ValentineGoddieBag-I-Ruf ValentineGoddieBag-Love-is. ValentineGoddieBag-Bark-If.