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We are Nicole Jacquelyn Photography, a boutique studio dedicated to giving an incredible experience as you embark on the most exciting journey of your life! Weddings last only a day, but the memories live on for generations. That is why we feel it is so important to find a photographer who can deliver you a stunning portfolio of moments and emotion captured in time which reflect your individual personalities and how those manifest in your relationship.  Like any living being, each relationship is unique, and we aim to tailor our products and services to bring out the essence of your love for each other.


INVITING  ALTERNATIVES:  Why ordering stationery from your photographer is smart…………….

Most couples enjoy ordering save-the-date cards from the photographer of their engagement session.  This can save lots of time and disappointment; a good photography studio will be able to recommend designs based on your style as a couple, provide quality customization’s for your stationery, and polish your photo picks to match your favorite cards.  But what about the invitations and the rest of it?

Think for a moment.  Wouldn’t brides and grooms want to have their entire set of wedding stationery match?  Why would you use one design theme for a save-the-date, and a look entirely different for the invitation, response card, envelope, and thank-you note?  The answer: you probably wouldn’t! At Nicole Jacquelyn Photography & Design, we are very excited to offer you an entire line of stationery products that matches from will you to I do clear through to thank you.  Many of these products save room for photos from your engagement session and wedding portraits to make your stationery unmistakably one-of-a-kind.


The advantages of ordering through Nicole Jacquelyn Photography & Design:

We custom design your wedding stationary.  Unlike the standard invitation, most of our designs are highly customizable, meaning you can change elements and colors to match your wedding, engagement session theme; even your mom’s favorite wallpaper! (not recommended) You have a much wider range of control over the look and feel of your stationery, as we have the option of ordering from a multitude of quality printers which offer textures, fibers, sizes, and colors galore.  We may also design and order custom postage, envelopes and liners, multi-fold cards, and an array of inspiring products to make your invitations unforgettable.  You can sleep knowing your photos will look their absolute best; we ensure the photographs you choose for your cards are properly presented for even the most discerning in-laws.

Enticing pricing:

Even with all the extra choices, our stationery will most likely cost you less than you would spend at a typical wedding invitation business!  As photographers, we are able to order quality printed goods at wholesale prices, passing the savings on to our beloved clients.


ENGAGE…………why casual pre-nup portraits are so hot

Aside from providing you with beautiful, emotional portraits in a casual setting, engagement sessions allow us to get to know  each other before the big day. Knowing what to expect from your photographer and feeling relaxed in front of the camera are critical for photographic success on the big day.

Engagement sessions are the time for you and your beloved to show your inner selves, your love for one another, in your favorite outfits in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.  You are welcome to choose a location that speaks to you in a personal way, or let us recommend a few of our favorite hot spots based on what you love!  Some couples choose that special spot where he proposed, others their favorite restaurant, winery, or flower field.  We can’t wait to get you in front of the lens and bring out what makes you a special couple!

PACKAGES TO PLEASE ANY BRIDE…….We offer 4 WEDDING PACKAGES with our most popular options for your consideration along with 4 DISC ONLY PACKAGES to help you find the right fit for your big day.  Please contact us for current pricing.

A CLOSER LOOK ……….at our products


Nothing makes your guests go “awwwww” more than a save-the-date card beautifully printed with romantic photos from your engagement session.  We are pleased to offer an extensive collection of save-the-date card designs and paper stock to match your personal style and wedding theme.  Having your photographer handle the design and printing of your wedding stationery helps to relieve stress during planning!



Parent Albums:

Parent albums are a wonderful way to preserve your wedding memories for the entire family, and make incredible thank you gifts for any occasion.  Families typically choose smaller albums that match the bridal album in material and design.  However, we love creating custom packages for our clients and encourage you to be as creative in the selection of your parent albums as the bridal album!  Custom design is included in every album order.



Bridal Albums:

Your wedding may only last one day, but your archival album is made to last a lifetime and more. We have hand-selected our bridal album offerings from top crafters to bring you the most beautiful and durable books available.  Our albums come in a variety of sizes, colors, textures, materials, and flavors to match your style and taste.  Each album is custom designed just for you with care and attention to every detail.



Wall Canvas:

There is little more striking than a beautiful, three-dimensional canvas piece hanging on your wall. Our canvas products are printed directly onto archival fabric and stretched on a durable wooden frame.  The end result is an exquisite gallery-style wall piece ready to hang without need for framing. We love watching your favorite photographs transformed into a true work of art to decorate your home for years to come.




Photobooths have skyrocketed in popularity in partial thanks to their universal appeal; even the wallflowers will love dressing up and striking a pose for the camera!  Our booths give guests a chance to express themselves off the dance floor, meet new friends, and create lasting memories.  There’s no limit on the number of booth images one could take, providing another source of all-night entertainment for your guests.  We’ve had many brides and grooms tell us that their photobooth images are some of the most memorable, cherished photographs from the wedding!



For more information, or just to chat, please contact us!  Don’t forget to request our New  for 2014 Wedding Magazine.  It’s has everything you need to know  from what to wear for your engagement session to wedding packages and prices.