Our Senior Rep Program 2015


We are looking for fun, outgoing, and creative sophomores & juniors to represent us. If you like being in front of the camera and want a nice discount on your senior photos, then you may be our next Senior Rep!


There’s no one way to define a rep.  There’s no one way to be a rep.  Some have called them thrill-seekers, people of awesomeness, the popular kids, or the socially inclined.  The only requirement to be a rep for Nicole Jacquelyn Photography & Design is to be completely and totally yourself.  Are you daring enough to share secrets with your friends?  Are you constantly posting new stuff online?  Do you love being in the spotlight?  If any of this sounds like you, you’re probably a prime candidate to be a senior rep.


After you apply, we’ll let you know as soon as possible if we need you on our superstar team. Sometimes we get too many applications for the position, so if you are not accepted, don’t sweat it! It’s not you, it’s us.  Really. Once you’re accepted, we will ask you to model in a free portrait session with unlimited outfit changes!  Yeah, you read that right – Free. We’ll post 10 touched-up images of our favorites on the Nicole Jacquelyn Photography & Design Facebook Page, tagging you, so you can share them with friends and family.  We’ll also give you a pack of 100 cards with your favorite photo printed on it free of charge, with our studio name on the other side.  Your mission: hook up your friends with us and get free prints, albums, and more.  The more friends you get signing up, the more freebies you score.